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  • Digital Decor (2001-)
    Digital Decor is furniture, appliances, and other small objects commonly found in homes and offices that have been augmented with computational power to extend usefulness.
  • Meeting Pot (2001-)
    When coffe is ready, the Meeting Pot (coffee maker) informs to receiver units, which display the event by coffee aroma. This encourages informal communications at office.
  • ID Carpet (2000-)
    RFID tag-ed carpet to detect the position of a user wearing RFID reader shoes.
  • Virtual Glassboat (1999-)
    Looking under the floor and ground. The cart version of the Scroll Browser.
  • AirPen & NaviGeta (1998- )
    Doodle system to draw on the air using a head mounted display and position sensors.
  • IconSticker (1995- )
    To extract icons as a peper stickers out of computer display.
  • FieldMouse (1998- )
    (It was called "Absolute Mouse")
    A simple device of a combination of pen-mouse and bar-code reader, to detect 2D position on any surface. The device is used in Scroll Browser and Active Book projects.
  • Scroll Browser (1998- )
    Looking behind walls. Electric wires or pipes behind walls is displayed on handy LCD.
  • Active Book (1998- )
    Paper books with hyper links to sounds. You can here voices of characters on a picture book by selecting FieldMouse device.
  • Scroll Display (1996-1998)
    A display system for small handy computers. By moving computers on a table, contents of the display scrolls.
  • InfoBinder (1993-1995) (1999- )
    InfoBinder is a tangible icon ("phicon") for digital desk environment.
  • Virtual Conference Room (in Japanese) (1992-1994)
    Conference system using abators.
  • ViewPoint (1989-1994)
    Pointing device for electronic presentation system.

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Related Papers

  • Digital Decor
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  • AirPen & NaviGeta
  • IconSticker
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  • FieldMouse (Absolute Mouse), Scroll Browser, Active Book
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  • Scroll Display
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  • Virtual Conference Room
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