Meeting Pot

Informal communication support by an ambient display


Community building in coffee break rooms is important in modern offices. Simply the aroma of coffee evokes togetherness.

The Meeting Pot attempts to distribute this sense of awareness. When the coffee maker is turned on, it transmits the aroma to remote locations.

In order to encourage informal communication in the Future University of Hakodate (Japan), we have installed a Meeting Pot in a common room at the faculty building. These boxes blow a coffee aroma through the lid when the coffee maker is turned on.

We also have installed the Meeting Pot in the kitchen of the Aware Home, Georgia Tech.

Meeting Potは情報処理学会主催シンポジウム「インタラクション2001」で「ベストインタラクティブ発表賞」を受賞しました。(2001.3.6)

The Meeting Pot has won the "Best Interactive Presentation Award" for the "Interaction 2001" symposium sponsored by Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ). (Mar. 6, 2001)

Meeting Potは、函館市文化・スポーツ振興財団と函館市文化団体協議会主催の、「はこだて・冬・アート展」にインスタレーション作品として出品し、応募総数164点の中から奨励賞に入賞しました。(2001.2.13)

The Meeting Pot has won the Encouragement Award as an installation artwork, for the 1st Hakodate Winter Art Exhibition sponsored by Hakodate Culture & Sports Promotion Foundation and Hakodate Cultural Group Association. Five Best Awards and eleven Encouragement Awards was selected out of 164 entries. (Feb. 13, 2001)

北海道新聞 (Hokkaido Shinbun (newspaper)) 函館新聞(Hakodate Shinbun (newspaper))

Meeting Potはネットワーク接続されたコーヒーメーカーです。だだれかがコーヒーを入れたことを、離れたオフィスへ香りと電子メールとWWWで知らせます。

The Meeting Pot is a networked coffee maker. When someone try to make coffee, it inform the event to colleagues at remote desks by coffee aroma and/or e-mails and/or WWW.

Meeting Potシステム。発信器付きコーヒーメーカーと、5台のコーヒーアロマ発生器。
Meeting Pot system. A transmitting coffee maker (left) and 5 receivers (right).


We have installed the Meeting Pot system has been installed in a coffee room at Future University of Hakodate. It transmits through RF network that coffee will be ready when the pot's switch is on.


The receiver unit which is installed in each staff room starts to generate coffee aroma, and displays that people are gathering to the coffee room. As a result, people come to the coffee maker.


The coffee maker information can be received by e-mails and browsing WWW page as follows.

(To browse current WWW page, click the picture.)


Even in the modern office environment where people are connected through computer network, it is still important to support informal communication such as coffee break talks. The Coffee-break Maker system is designed to promote such kind of communication by natural, intuitive and ambient manner. We are going to evaluate this system in the daily office activities.

A coffee maker with brew sensor. It detects coffee brew by sensing the heater, and transmit through RF unit (right).

The coffee aroma generator which diffuses aroma from instant-coffee powder by an electronic fan.

関連論文 (Related papers)

椎尾一郎, 美馬のゆり, "Meeting Pot: アンビエント表示によるコミュニケーション支援"
インタラクション2001論文集、情報処理学会シンポジウムシリーズ, Vol. 2001, No. 5, pp. 163-164, 2001.3.5-6 (このPDFファイルはここ

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