EaTheremin (demo video)

EaThereminはフォーク型デバイスで、これを使って食事をすると様々な音を出します。 このデバイスにより、食べる行動がエンタテインメントになります。 EaThereminは、食の進まない子供に食事を促す道具などへの応用を考えています。

EaTheremin (Eat + Theremin) is a fork-type device that enables users to play various sounds by eating foods. This device changes the act of eating into practical daily entertainment. Potential applications of this device include a device for motivating eating for small kids who do not like to sit and eat foods.

動作原理 Mechanism

EaThereminのフォークの握りと先端部分がそれぞれ電極になっています。 フォークを握り、先端部分に食べ物をさし、これに唇を当てると、フォーク、食べ物、人体で電気回路が形成されます。食べ物の種類や食べる動作で抵抗値が変わるので、それを利用して音を出しています。

The device has two electrode in fork grip and tines. When a user grip the fork, put food at the tines, and eat, an electronic circuit with fork, food and human body is made. EaTheremin generate various sound according to the resistance between the electrodes. Since the resistance value often varies by several features of foods (e.g., types, length, or thick- ness) and movements of the user, the device plays sound reflecting eating actions.

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