01I-Eng: An Interactive Toy for Second Language Learning
02From Computational Thinking to Computational Making: a Demo
03*Creating a Thermoconductive Painting with a Hidden Message
04Yarns with Embedded Electronics
05MetamorphicWall:Module-based Massive Sensing and Representation
06StudI/O:Toy-block Positioning only by Projection
07"SAL: a small, simple. situated, ambient logger"
08An Augmented e-Reader for Multimodal Literacy
09Chameleon Dial: Repeated Camera-recording attack Resilient PIN input scheme
10UBI:User Body Interface for Wearable and Touch Panel Device
11Water-Jet Printer: Sprinkler with Watering-Position Control
12L’evolved: Autonomous and Ubiquitous Utilities as Smart Agents
13Bin-ary: Detecting the State of Organic Trash to Prevent Insalubrity.
14Invisibilia: Revealing invisible data using augmented reality and Internet Connected Devices.
15Sketching on 3D Structured Surfaces
16MagNail: User Interaction with Smart Device through Magnet Attached to Fingernail
17FingerPhone: Smart interphone integrated with a fingerprint sensor
18CARduino: Device toolkit suitable for use in automobiles
19A Social Media Based Real Scene Navigation System with a Holographic Projection on a HUD
20SakuraSensor: A System for Realtime Cherry-Lined Roads Detection by In-Vehicle Smartphones
21NFC-WISP: An Open Source Software Defined Near Field RFID Sensing Platform
22Real-time Breathing and Heart-rate monitoring using commercial motion sensors
23*RunBuddy: A Smartphone System for Running Rhythm Monitoring.
24Node View: A mHealth Real-time Infectious Disease Interface – 2014 Ebola Outbreak Case Study
25Supporting Collaborative Play via an Affordable Touching + Singing Plant for Children with Autism in China
71AffectiveWear: Smart Eye Glasses to Recognize Facial Expressions
72MEME – Eye Wear Computing to Explore Human Behavior
73Using smart eyeglasses as a wearable game controller
75A Privacy-Conscious Human-Tracking System
74FootStep-Tracker: An Anchor-Free Indoor Localization System via Sensing the Foot Steps
76Demo of MagnifiSense: Inferring Device Interaction using Wrist-Worn Passive Magneto-Inductive Sensors
77WaistonBelt: A Belt for Monitoring Your Real Abdominal Circumference Forever
78A Collaborative Gaze Aware Information Display
79Orbits: Enabling Gaze Interaction in Smart Watches using Moving Targets
81A Pedestrian Passage Detection Method by Using Spinning Magnets on Corridors
82SenStick: Sensorize Every Things
83Velobug: A Mobile System for 3D Indoor Mapping
84TagRadar: Locating Objects Using a Smart Phone Accessory
85BuildingRules: A Trigger-Action Based System To Manage Complex Commercial Buildings
86A Generic Service Oriented Software Platform to Design Ambient Intelligent Systems
87*ROC Speak: Semi-Automated Personalized Feedback on Nonverbal Behavior from Recorded Videos
88*WISDOM: An Efficient Framework of Predicting WLAN Availability with Cellular Fingerprints
89*Connecting the Things to the Internet: An Evaluation of Four Configuration Strategies for Wi-Fi Devices with Minimal User Interfaces

invited demos from paper sessions

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