(updated: 14.Mar.2018)

list of talks and lectures

Oral presentations in international coferences and workshops

  1. APS March Meeting 2016,
    Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, USA, Mar. 14-18 (2016),
    "Collective Dynamics of Oscillator Networks: Why do we suffer from heavy jet lag?",
    (invited talk)
  2. Pacifichem 2015,
    Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii, Dec. 15-20 (2015),
    "Multi-oscillator model of the circadian clock system and experiments: Why is eastbound long-distance trip so heavy?",
    (invited talk)
  3. The 3rd East Asia Joint Seminar on Statistical Physics,
    KIAS, Seoul, Korea, Oct. 14-17 (2015),
    "Mathematical approach to jet lag",
    (invited talk)
  4. ICIAM 2015,
    China National Convention Center, Beijing, China, Aug. 10-14 (2015),
    "A mathematical and experimental study on jet lag: why is eastbound trip so hard?",
    (invited talk)
  5. Dynamics of Coupled Oscillators: 40 years of the Kuramoto Model International workshop,
    Max Planck Institute, Dresden, Germany, Jul. 27-31 (2015),
    "Clustering near hopf bifurcation and reentrant transition with strong coupling",
    (invited talk)
  6. 8th International Conference Engineering of Chemical Complexity,
    Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany, Jun. 22-26 (2015),
    "Theoretical Study on Clustering near Hopf Bifurcation, Reentrant Transition with Strong Coupling, and Jet lag",
    (invited talk)
  7. winter q-bio meeting,
    OAHU-SHERATON WAIKIKI, Maui, Hawaii, Feb. 17-20 (2015),
    "A mathematical study on jet lag: Why is traveling east so heavy?",
    (contributed talk)
  8. Neuroscience2014,
    PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Yokohama, Japan, Sep. 11-13 (2014),
    "Mathematical Model of Suprachiasmatic Nucleus: Mechanism of Jet Lag",
    (invited talk)
  9. AIMS2014,
    Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas, Madrid, Spain, July. 7-11 (2014),
    "Jet lag can be avoided? : an oscillator network model for the circadian clock",
    (invited talk)
  10. The 3rd International Symposium ,
    Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan, Mar. 2 (2014),
    "Mechanism of Jetlag approached with a multi-oscillator model for the circadian master clock",
  11. Engineering of Chemical Complexity 2013,
    Rostock-Warnemuende, Germany, June 10-13 (2013),
    "Novel synchronization phenomena in coupled noisy oscillators: Common- noise-induced synchronization and reentrant transition",
    (invited talk)
  12. Engineering of Chemical Complexity,
    Berlin, Germany, July 4-8 (2011),
    "Network structure dependence of oscillation regularity in coupled noisy oscillators",
    (contributed talk)
  13. 2011 SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems,
    Snowbird, USA, May 21-26 (2011),
    "Collective Enhancement of Temporal Precision in Networks of Noisy Oscillators",
    (invited talk)
  14. XXX Dynamics Days Europe 2010,
    Bristol, United of Kingdom, September 6-10 (2010),
    "Collective phase diffusion and temporal precision in networks of noisy oscillators",
    (contributed talk)
  15. International Workshop: Nonlinear Dynamics on Networks,
    Kiev, Ukraine, July 5-9 (2010),
    "Collective phase diffusion and temporal precision in networks of noisy oscillators",
    (invited talk)

  16. Dynamics Days 2010: International Conference on Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics,
    Evanston, USA, January 4-7 (2010),
    "Response of Oscillator Networks: A Centrality Measure Quantifying the Relative Importance of a Node",
    (contributed talk)

  17. XI. Congress of the European Biological Rhythms Society,
    Strasbourg, France, August 22-28 (2009),
    "Effects of intercellular communication on the entrainment to time cues",
    (invited talk)

  18. International Conference on Nonlinear Sciences,
    Hokkaido university, Sapporo, Japan, February 10-14 (2009),
    "Linking cell-level and system-level responses in oscillator networks with any network structure",
    (invited talk)

  19. International Conference on Complex Networks: The Past 10 Years and Future,
    Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea, December 19-22 (2008),
    "Collective Response of Coupled Dynamical Units with Arbitrary Network Structure: Micro-macro Linking",
    (invited talk)

  20. Dynamics Days Asia Pacific 5 (DDAP5),
    Nara Prefectural New Public Hall, Nara, Japan, September 9-12 (2008),
    "Synchronization Engineering",
    (contributed talk)

  21. The 5th European Congress of Mathematics,
    Amsterdam RAI Center, Amsterdam, Holland, July 14-18 (2008),
    "Synchronization Engineering via Global Delayed Nonlinear Feedback",
    (invited talk)

  22. The 3rd International IEEE Scientific Conference on Physics and Control,
    University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany, September 3-7 (2007)
    "Collective dynamical response to external forcing in complex oscillator networks"
    (invited talk)

  23. International Workshop on Synchronization: Phenomena and Analyses 2006,
    University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, October 3 - 6 (2006)
    "Entrainment of Complex Oscillator Networks and Implications for Biological Clocks"
    (invited talk)

  24. Dynamics on Complex Networks and Applications,
    Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany, February 06-March 3 (2006)
    "Entrainment of random oscillator networks and design of biological clocks"
    (contributed talk)

  25. An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop: Theory and Applications of Coupled Cell Networks,
    Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, September 26-30 (2005)
    "Entrainment of randomly coupled oscillator networks"
    (invited participation, contributed talk)

  26. Dynamics Days 2005,
    Technical University, Berlin, Germany, July 25-28, 2005
    "Entrainment of Complex Oscillator Networks and Design of Biological Clocks"
    (contributed talk)

  27. Complex Dynamics of Networks of Oscillators: From Basic Research to Novel Therapy,
    Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, November 4-6 (2005)
    "Entrainment of complex oscillator networks and design of biological clocks"
    (invited talk)

  28. Dynamics Days Asia-Pacific 2002,
    Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, August 8-12 (2002),
    "Slow switching and broken one-cluster state in a population of neuronal oscillators",
    (contributed talk)

Talks in domestic coferences and workshops

  1. 郡宏,「生物リズム集団の同期ダイナミクス」,日本物理学会第72回年次大会,2017年3月17日 大阪大学(招待講演, invited talk)

  2. 郡宏,「時差ボケの東西移動に対する非対称性:実験と数理の協働アプローチ」,第68回日本細胞生物学会,2016年6月16日 京都テルサ (招待講演, contributed talk)

  3. 郡宏,「時差ボケの理論研究:東西旅行の非対称性について」,第38回日本分子生物学会年会,2015年12月2日 神戸ポートアイランド (招待講演, invited talk)

  4. 郡宏,「時差ボケをめぐる実験と数理の協働」,日本数学会2015年度年会,2015年3月23日 明治大学 (招待講演, invited talk)

  5. 郡宏,「振動子集団のゆらぎと秩序に対するネットワーク相互作用の効果」,統計物理学懇談会(第 1 回),2013年3月4日 学習院大学 (招待講演, invited talk)

  6. 郡宏, 「生物リズムの数理的研究」, 2012年度 数学・物理学・情報科学の研究交流シンポジウム, 2012年12月8日 奈良女子大学理学部 (招待講演 invited talk)

  7. 郡宏,「リズム現象の数学:超入門」, 「生物リズム若手研究者の集い」,2011年8月6,7日,岡山大学 農学部 (招待講演 invited talk)

  8. 郡宏,「結合位相振動子系:ネットワーク構造依存性に関するいくつかの話題」, 数学会2011年度年会,2011年3月21日,早稲田大学理工学術院
    (応用数学分科会の特別講演 invited talk)

  9. 郡宏,伊藤浩史,「理論家の考えていること」, 定量生物学の会 第3回年会,2010年11月26日,東京大学生産技術研究所 コンベンションホール (招待講演 invited talk)

  10. 郡宏,「細胞間結合はゆらぎを抑制する」, 第17回日本時間生物学会学術大会,2010年11月20日,早稲田大学国際会議場
    (招待講演 invited talk)

  11. The 16th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Chronobiology,
    Osaka, Japan, October 24-27 (2009),
    "Design principle of the structure of the intercellular communication network optimal for the reliability of clock dynamics",
    (invited talk)


  12. 郡宏,「振動子集団ダイナミクスの制御:理論と化学反応系による実験」第48回日本生体医工学会大会,2009年4月23日,タワーホール堀越
    (招待講演 invited talk)

  13. 郡宏,「振動子集団の位相ダイナミクスと制御」,日本物理学会 第64回年次大会,2009年3月27日,立教大学
    (第3回若手奨励賞受賞講演、招待講演 invited talk)

  14. 郡宏,「結合振動子系のクラスター振動のヘテロクリニック構造」,日本物理学会 第63回年次大会,2008年9月25日,近畿大学
    (2008年度日本数学会年会との共同セッション、招待講演 invited talk)

  15. 郡宏,「集団位相応答のデザイン」,日本物理学会 2008年秋季大会,2008年9月22日,岩手大学

  16. Workshop "Physics of nonlinear oscillator systems: Analysis of current problems",Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, June 5 - 7, 2007, "A new methodology of the control of oscillation ensemblies", Proceeding: in Bussei Kenkyu (in press, in Japanese)
    (招待講演 invited talk)

  17. and many others

Intensive Lectures 集中講義

  1. Nara Women's Univeristy
    奈良女子大学大学院物理科学専攻,集中講義,27年度後期,1/6-1/8 (2単位)
  2. Chiba Univeristy
    千葉大学理学部物理学科,集中講義,22年度前期,8/4-8/6 (2単位)
  3. Hiroshima Univeristy
    広島大学理学研究科数理分子生命理学専攻,集中講義,21年度前期,6/30-7/3 (1単位)
  4. Saitama University, Graduate school of Science, Graduate school of Engineering,
    埼玉大学,理学部・工学部の大学院, 数理電子情報特論II, 2回担当, 10/10, 11/7 (2008)
    「動子集団のダイナミクス:基礎から最新の応用研究まで I, II」

Lectures as visiting professor 非常勤講師

  1. Waseda Univeristy, School of Advanced Science and Engineering,
    早稲田大学先進理工学部, オムニバス講義「時間生物学」:「時間生物の数理モデリング」, 27年度前期, 3時間担当, 2015/6/6

Popular talks 一般講演

  1. 重要情報を見つけ出せ:ウェブ検索を可能にしたランキング手法を読み解こう,
    2017年10月1日, 気仙沼中央公民館

  2. シンクロする生き物たち:「なぜ東向き旅行で時差ボケに苦しむのか?: 時差ボケをめぐる実験と数理の協働」,
    2016年5月14日 石垣市商工会ホール

  3. JST数学キャラバン:「重要情報を見つけよ! Googleの革新をもたらした数学とは」,
    2014年11月29日, 水戸第二高等学校

  4. JST数学キャラバン:「数学で読み解く生物リズムとシンクロ〜時差ボケや不整脈の秘密〜」,
    2014年8月9日, 北海道大学

  5. 第12回北大若手研究者交流会:「生物リズムにおける実験と数理モデルの恊働〜時差ボケがなくなる日を目指して〜」,
    2014年8月8日, 北海道大学

  6. 第12回文京区子ども科学カレッジ:「リズムオーケストラの不思議な世界」,
    2012年12月22日, 文教教育センター

  7. 岩手県立釜石高校 大学出前講義:「身近な現象を数式で表し理解する」,
    2012年11月9日, 岩手県立釜石高校

  8. 第3回SSH(Super Science Highschool)講演会:「数学で読み解くリズムの不思議」

  9. 講演会「広がりゆく数学 in 神戸」:「数学で読み解く時の生物リズムとカオス」
    2011年5月14日, 神戸大学百年記念会館(神戸市) (講義スライド)
  10. 講演会「広がる数学」
    岡山大学教育研究プロジェクト主催、 2010年11月7日, 岡山国際交流センター8Fイベントホール
  11. にんげんセルオートマトンプロジェクト
    2010年10月31日, お茶の水女子大学附属小学校体育館
  12. カフェシアンティフィーク(サイエンスカフェ)「リズムの科学」
  13. 数理の翼ワークショップ2009
  14. The 21st Sience-Cafe Sapporo "Science of Rhythms",
    Kinokuni-ya, Sapporo, Japan, 16 June 2007,
  15. Radio interview "Frontier Sprit Radio with Hokkaido University (41st)",
    by Radio NORTHWAVE, Japan, 14 JULY 2007.

Stays in internationl workshops and summer schools

  1. Dynamics on Complex Networks and Applications,
    Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (Dresden, Germany),
    February 06-18, 2006

  2. Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences: Pattern Formation in Large Domains,
    Cambridge University (Cambridge, England),
    September 25 - October 9, 2005
    (invited participation)

  3. Summer School on Design and Control of Self-Organization in Physical, Chemical, and Biological Systems,
    The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy,
    July 25 - August 5, 2005

  4. Thematic Institute: Information and Material Flows in Complex Networks,
    Schloss Goldrain, Goldrain, Italy,
    June 15 - July 15, 2005

  5. Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics: Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics: Glasses, transport & friction, biological systems, and turbulence,
    Colorado University, Boulder, Colorado, USA,
    July 2 - July 27, 2001

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